PCB Printed circuits offer for prototypes and small series optimized

printed circuit board

Our offer

-PCB single-sided and double-layer metallised holes,

based on the drawing provided by the customer

-Format: Extended Gerber ( X-Gerber, RS-274X)  and Excellon




                         PCB reverse engineering


PCB Design


Other services

- Design electronic circuit + Design PCB

- Design embedded software for microcontroller

- Design software for PLCs, HMIs and Scada

- Design software for Windows

- Assembling electronic components on PCB

- Design and construction of electrical and automation cabinets

printed circuit board manufacturing engine


Technical features

- The maximum size of PCB: 190 x  270 (mm)

- FR4 material with thickness between: 0,4 - 3,2 (mm)

- Protective coating: Soldermask + Tinned

- The minimum width of conductors routes: 0.2 mm

- Minimum space between conductors routes: 0.25 mm

- Minimum space between pills and routes:  0.2 mm

- The minimum diameter of metallised holes: 0.3 mm  

- The thickness deposited on the inside face of metallised holes: 25 micron

- Tolerance PCB size: +/- 0.1 mm

- On request we can contour milling or cuttings inside